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July 7, 2018
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July 7, 2018

From lovingly nurturing new buds to harvesting herbs from pot to plate, those with green fingers understand the pride that comes with tending to a garden.

However, having row upon row of the same terracotta pots lined up against walls and on window sills doesn’t do anything special to show off your wonderful work.

After trawling the web for inspiration, here is a list of creative ways to spruce up your garden:

A fountain of succulents

With waxy leaves in shades of minty green and deep violet, succulents have become popular for more than just their appearance. Their thick fleshy leaves store water, so they typically only require watering weekly. Create a waterfall of green in an empty fountain by planting these beauties with a variety of foliage spillers that have a cascading quality (dichondra, sweet potato vines, or petunias for example). During drier months, or a drought, it’s the perfect way to save water.

A floral chair

With a few minor alterations, old chairs can be made over into stunning flower beds. The easiest way to make a chair planter is to cut a hole into the seat of a chair and fit a container into it. The lip of the container should sit above the perimeter of the hole so it doesn’t fall through. With the added elevation, and the rustic feel, your plants are sure to stand out.

A draw of plants

A fresh lick of paint is all you need to transform an old shabby dresser into a makeshift plant display. Have it nestled in a corner amongst the shrubbery, draws open and brimming with flourishing potted plants. Aside from the fairytale charm,  the various heights of the draws gives you full access to each section, making watering easy and ensuring each plant gets enough sunlight.

A garden tea party

Small, dainty and elegant, vintage teacups are impossible not to love. With their scalloped edges and floral designs, they are the perfect vessel for holding all your prettiest flowers. Don’t throw away all your chipped or mismatched teacups, re-purpose them to use as as pot plants instead. If you wish to start a herb garden, mint, thyme, basil, coriander and rosemary are just a few examples of herbs that grow well in small spaces.

Hanging bird cages

Image: Pinterest.

Utilize vertical spaces and add colour to dull areas by hanging birdcages with flowers in them. Instead of sewing the seeds in the cage, buy a grown plant from a nursery, preferably a variety that grows outwards rather than upwards as well as foliage spillers that will creep through the bars and over the edges. Multiple cages hung in a tree adds a magical touch and really elevates the beauty of ordinary plants.

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